New Renault Twingo

The new 2012 Renault Twingo is set to be the first car in the firm’s line up to boast the French brand’s new design identity. This means that it will feature a range of styling innovations which were first shown to the public on recent concept cars from Renault. In the future this new design language will become the key visual signature that will mark a car out as a Renault.

At the front of the Twingo the Renault diamond badge is larger and more upright than previous models, while the black background is designed to highlight the badge and make it stand out much more. The front fog lights and rounded sidelights familiar from the previous Twingo are now placed next to the grille.

On the inside of the vehicle two new upholstery colours have been added to the previous range, called Fuchsia and Bermuda Blue. There is also a new option of having an electric fabric sunroof fitted. All of the interior colour scheme options include new patterns for the seats, with contrast stitching around the edges. The chosen colours are also added to the door inserts, plus the controls for the heater system and climate control.

At the back end of the vehicle new lights can be found on the tailgate, in addition to the main cluster. The rear bumper is more rounded and the whole of the lower part of the tailgate is more curved.

A substantial range of 24 different alloy wheel and wheel trim options now includes a black diamond effect wheel which improved the aerodynamics of the vehicle leading to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Like previous models of this car, and many other small city cars like this, one of the key aspects of the new Renault Twingo’s design is the ability for buyers to customize the look of the car to suit their own tastes. In line with this philosophy five new roof decals have been added to the range of 10 which has been carried over from the previous version. These decals are factory fitted and feature contrasting designs with a range of different visual identities. Some of these decals, although not all, can be coordinated with the interior colour scheme. Buyers are also able to choose different colours for the protective side mouldings and door mirrors to contrast with the colour of the main body. All of these personalisation options will be promoted through an online tool which prospective buyers can use to configure their vehicle to suit their own personality.