Renault Twingo Reviews

There are hundreds of online reviews of the 2012 Renault Twingo, and of course many more in magazines, newspapers and other media sources. If you are seriously thinking about buying a new car such as the Renault Twingo then it is well worth your time to spend a few hours reading reviews before you make a final decision. All reviews are somewhat subjective, and each writer will have their own personal prejudices, preferences and priorities. Also it is likely that each reviewer took a single car for a test drive, and there are many different versions of the Twingo available to buy, as is the case for pretty much any new car purchase. Because of this I always say that it is a good idea to read more than one article before making a buying decision in order to get a balanced picture. In order to help you out a little bit here is a brief digest of some of the common themes that I have found in multiple reviews of the Renault Twingo.

The latest version of this car has no major mechanical changes, so the driving experience of the 2012 version is very much the same as the previous version. Most writers seem to agree that the Twingo is a nice car to drive around the city, with good steering and a small size meaning that both driving in traffic and parking in tight spaces cause no problems at all. But if you try to open up the car you will find that this is not a fast vehicle at all, and even reaching the modest speeds which it is capable of achieving involves a great deal of noise from the engine, which seems to be constantly straining.

The external design of the Renault Twingo has gained a great deal of praise, especially the many customisation options that are available, but some writers have noted that the same design quality is not evident inside the vehicle.